Brexit Diary

14 March

In London the Climate Emergency protest was taking place in Westminster, and nearby I was going to meet the Brexit Party founders, Richard Tice and Nigel Farage.

Ben Habib was also meeting them that day.

15 March

At the London School of Economics, Peter Ramsay chaired this important EU-critical meeting addressed by Wolfgang Streeck (right)


21 March

At Queen Mary University of London Catarina Principe, Lee Jones, David Adler and Alex Hochuli held this round table discussion on the future of the EU, organised by the Aufebungabunga Podcast

25 March


At SOAS 'the Full Brexit' organised a rally with Larry Elliott (Guardian), Costas Lapatvitsas and Eddie Dempsey (RMT)


28 March

Spoke at a meeting on political parties at Goldsmiths, organised by the Platypus1917 group


29 March

The May Government reneged on its promise to come out of the EU on 31 March, and I joined Lucy Harris' 'Leavers of London' feeder march from Victoria, while others marched from South London to the rally in Westminster

Paul Embery of the Fire Brigades Union and Claire Fox (now MEP) were among the speakers


21 April

Elizabetta signed my nomination papers to stand in the Yorkshire and Humberside region for the Brexit Party in the European elections


30 April

At the London meeting of the Brexit Party European Parliamentary candidates


2 May

At the Leeds Salon, with Brendan O'Neill speaking


4 May

The first day canvassing in Wakefield, with Gaynor, Paul, Becky and Peter of the Leavers of Wakefield group



6 May

Yorkshire region activists meeting, with Jane Collins (outgoing MEP) and Jake Pugh (now MEP), and Roger singing the Brexit Blues


8 May


Leavers of Sheffield meet up, with Dave, Gaynor, Nathan and more


9 May


Leavers of Leeds meet up with  Becky being interviewed by Italian Sky TV, Joan, delegate from the Leavers of Manchester, rallying support for their march



11 May

Canvassing in Sheffield, while the Manchester Peterloo March was taking place on the other side of the Pennines


13 May


With Nigel Farage at Huddersfield Rally



15 May

Grimsby, with Lucy Harris


16 May

Scarborough, with Lucy Harris, Christopher Barker and Jane Collins

18 May

Canvassing in Sheffield with Dave and Nathan (behind the stall)

21 May

London rally - with Andrew Allison, my Yorkshire comrade and with Ann Widdecombe



22 May

Canvassing in Rotherham

26 May

Election night in Leeds - John Longworth, Lucy Harris and Jake Pugh elected