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Living Marxism online

Agribusiness and its helpful critics
Palestine- Barak to the future
Culture Vultures The DTI's knowledge economy criticised. Another copy.
Smacking Parents an interview with lawyer Ruby Harrold-Claesson, on the repressive consequences of Sweden's anti-smacking laws. Another copy.
The New 'Socialism of Fools A Critique of Environmentalism. Another copy.
Sleaze- labouring under an illusion
Kitchen Sunk Drama On Docu-soaps and social realism
Pre-millennial tensions
Ben Evans- the man who's planning the party Interview with the organiser of the Millennium Dome
A free country? The case for liberty
Artist Patrick Hughes Interviewed
Cyclists and motorists, unite
Who's dumbing down?
Mary Bell: who killed childhood?
The Paedophile Panic: Fear is the greatest Danger,
Cash, Questions and Answers Rumours abound of staff meetings at the Guardian to warn journalists off this expose of the making of the 'Cash for questions' story
Why hate speech? Nadine Strossen, president of the American Civil Liberties Union said that this defence of free speech could not be bested
Getting it wrong on human rights
Brand New Britain
The corruption of politics and the politics of corruption
'"Wankers of the World Unite!" seems to be Martin Bell's slogan' an interview with Neil Hamilton
A fool's errand The IQ debate
Who made freedom a dirty word?
Consuming Passions Is Britain's economy driven by culture?
Hiding behind the holocaust Bosnia, Rwanda and the politics of genocide
'I am the Untermenschen' John Bird of the Big Issue interviewed
The election that put politics aside 1996 US elections
Communal self sacrifice A critique of communitarianism
Politics of the unreal world A critique of the real World Coalition manifesto
Judges rule A defence of parliamentary sovereignty
For the tyranny of the majority
Interested parties The growth of state intervention
A Tyranny of Rights
USA under foreign occupation After the Oklahoma bomb
The parties are over
Respectable rebellion in Middle England Brightlingsea protests
Where's the Beef?
More Ross Perot than Ronald Reagan US congressional elections
An unintelligent argument Refutation of Herrnstein and Murray's 'The Bell Curve'
Community conformity
In defence of Damien Hirst
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory Britain's D Day celebrations
PC: the secret society Political Correctness
The privatisation of everyday life
Why PC can damage your health
Back to whose basics?
The victim-support state
Framing Libya Lockerbie scandal. Another copy.
Children's Rights? Wrong!
Who Gains from Tory losses? Local election results
The PC presidency Clinton's new adminstration
Corrupting democracy 1992 US elections
'Cultural war' against the 'Commie Libs'

Review articles
The Ticklish Subject- The Absent Centre Of Political Ontology by Slavoj Zizek
Simon Heffer's Nor Shall My Sword Sleep In My Hand
Mutant Veg: GM foods
The Crisis of Global Capitalism- Open Society Endangered by George Soros
Limits of environmentalism Factor four and Contested Natures
Law without right Habermas and Unger on legal activism
Reconstructed wanker J Rentoul, A McSmith, K Coates and Leo Abse on Tony Blair
History ends with a whimper A Honneth, T Pinkard on Hegel
Democracy's critics P Mandelson, P Hennesy and EM Wood on democracy
Conservative innovators A Duncan and J Patten on the future of the Tory party
The risk zone A Giddens and U Beck on the sociology of risk
Marx and the marxologists J Derrida, S Cullenberg and S Clarke on Marxism today
Taking Liberties D Anderson and B Campbell on moral breakdown
We'll support you ever more? The left's disappointment with Arthur Scargill
History with a capital 'H' F Fukuyama and F Furedi on the End of History
The Heidegger Affair J Derrida, JF Lyotard and others on Heidegger's Nazism

LM Online commentaries

09-10-99 National moral purpose sex shocker
A kid with a new toy A report from Barak's Israel
Caging children
02-07-99New myths for old on child sex abuse
12-06-98 The Pinochet saga
09-02-98 The Return of the Left-
09-15-98 Cry Baby Clinton
09-08-98 Saving Private Spielberg
07-07-98 New design at the ICA
05-22-98 New Labour v Old Snobs
05-07-98 The dog that didn't bark
05-02-98 Mary, Mary, quite contrary
11-07-96 The Election that put Politics aside
03-13-96 US warship out of East Asia!
03-04-96 Who's afraid of Pat Buchanan?
02-10-96 After Scott: Judges Rule
01-25-96 Ireland: An election without democracy
01-16-96 Is Socialist Labour an alternative?
12-05-95 Princess Diana, Queen of victims