Mark Fisher wrote this critique of intersectionality, Leaving the Vampire's Castle
Around the same time I wrote Intersectional, or Just Sectarian? on the Mute website
22 Nov., 2013 Gradient Lair replies 'Intersectionality is not a Meme'
Red Light Politics replies, 25 Nov 2013
Here's another reply by Molly Huzzell
And here's another by Et Cetera
Richard Seymour tweets 'Heartfield's article is classic male backlash/ex-RCP contrarianism' (@leninology) November 25, 2013 - there were tweets too from Alana Lentin, Mr Hermsprong and many others
Ross Wolfe's blog post sums up the debate
Then there's Jason Walsh's essay
And then, after another twitterspat ends with Seymour and Laurie Penny outcast, I sum up with Further adventures in Intersectionality