The Aborigines' Protection Society: Humanitarian Imperialism in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada, South Africa, and the Congo, 1836-1909, Hardback ISBN: 9781849041201 £25.00 (UK) $45 (US)
'a major, well-written, and closely research contribution to the study of nineteenth century British colonialism' Geographical, Nov 2011
'James Heartfield has grasped the nettle to give us a cogent, elegantly written overview of the society and its history to 1909', Journal of Pacific History, Dec 2012
'a compelling book, rich in historical detail', Aboriginal History Vol 36, 2012
'Heartfield's book is set to become a foundational text', according to Settler Colonial Studies
Douglas Lorimer in Victorian Studies Volume 56, Number 3, Spring 2014
Caroline Shaw in The Journal of Human Rights 06 Jan 2015
Critical Muslim
, March 2013

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